Music Project

There is only one public music school of Trujillo. Since it's beginnings the school has been devoted to training locals to become professional and/or certified musicians and teachers. However, the focus for this volunteer role is on their children's program. It is designed to provide children and youngsters with early preparation and basic musical studies in order to fulfil the demands and expectations in the growing market of music as well as give young people skills they can use for a lifetime.

The main goal of this project is to coach children and youngsters with a creativity and passion for music, encouraging in them individuality, musical values and instilling in them the importance of practice and hard work. As the school is a public school, it has a very small budget. Despite this, all the staff at the school strive to give the best musical education they can to the students, as well as creating a pleasant environment to study and work in. With the aid of volunteers, they can reach out to more students and provide a more comprehensive education. So, if you have music running through your veins, come here to volunteer and sing along!


The main role of volunteers is giving classes/workshops to develop the musical skills of students- through the experience of various forms of orchestral music- and also organizing a schedule with activities that will do well to that purpose. As well as:

  • Teaching the children how to play music instruments

  • Showing children how important it is to practice every day and be disciplined

  • Giving advice about proper care and maintenance of instruments

  • Bringing new ideas to improve the musical techniques and other ad-hoc features

  • Setting-up special lessons, workshops and after-school musical sessions

Normally the project is open all year round. The Child Symphonic Orchestra runs on Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30pm to 8:30pm, while the Youth Symphonic Orchestra goes Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7:30pm to 9:00pm. However, the times and frequency of the Orchestra rehearsals depend on the time year, as in the summer they have more concerts. If you would like to apply for this vacancy please check with us about rehearsal schedules so we can give you a more accurate idea of how many hours will be required each week.



  • Spanish level: Basic to Intermediate Spanish level. The director is fluent in English and German so any knowledge you have of either of these too languages is a bonus!

  • Minimum commitment: 4 weeks- the longer, the better

  • Relevant skills/experience playing musical instruments (at least 1) or organizing theatrical/musical events

  • Empathetic, proactive and open-minded personality

Minimum Age (on Arrival)Level of SpanishMinimum Time Commitment
18+IntermediateMin. 1 month
LocationCentral Trujillo city
Type of Role(s)Teacher
Level of Project Structure
Loosely structured - Newer project and/or roles not clearly defined - volunteers need to be flexible, ask questions and offer suggestions
Specific Skills/Experience Required
"Volunteers must have academic & professional background in classical music Experience in teaching/ working with children &/or youth would be an advantage. "

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